2018-2019 Courses Taught

Course, Drexel University Department of Computer Science, 2018

CS 520 (Graduate Course): Computer Science Foundations (Fall)
CS I799 (Graduate Course): ECE Magnetic Knitting Investigation (Fall, Winter, Spring)
CS I499: RF Multisensor Fusion (Winter)
CS I499: Advanced Operating Systems (Winter)
CS I499: Advanced Computing Systems (Winter)
CS I299: Cardio-respiratory RF Processing (Winter)
CS T280: Programming Practicum (Winter)
HNRS I399: Coordinated Radio Frequency Management (Winter)
CS I399: Machine Learning Research (Summer)
CS I599 (Graduate Course): RF Cardio RSA Monitoring (Summer)
CS 265: Advanced Programming Tools and Techniques (Winter, Summer)
CS 283: Systems Programming (Summer)
CS 370: Operating Systems (Summer)