CS377: Database Design

Bill Mongan

Welcome to CS377!

About Me

  • Born in Delaware County, PA
  • Married in Carmel, CA in 2015

About Me

  • Upper Darby High School Class of 2000
  • Drexel University Class of 2005
  • Completed my PhD at Drexel in 2018

Picture of Me

About Me

  • I am a private pilot who loves to travel

About Me

  • We love animals and have two cats
  • … plus some occasional visitors!

About Me

  • I use computing (specifically Machine Learning and Signal Processing)…
    • To improve public health
    • To leverage technology to mitigate side-effects and to improve access to care

What this Course is About

  • What do databases do?
  • How do we design databases for performance and organization?
  • What are the challenges?

Class Logistics and Culture

  • Class website and syllabus: http://www.billmongan.com/Ursinus-CS377
  • Challenging but fun!
  • Communicate with me and the TA’s often - we enjoy it.
  • If you know stuff, use it for good to help others!